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About MTHS

The Montgomery Township Historical Society (MTHS) was founded in 1988 by a small group of local residents who were concerned that rampant retail and housing development within the township was threatening to obliterate many historic homes and structures which told the story of the township’s long and rich history. The Society’s purpose was threefold: to identify and document all historic homes (100 years or older) within Montgomery Township; to encourage township officials and developers to find way to preserve and incorporate historic structures into their building plans; and to collect and preserve photographs, records and artifacts that could be used to illustrate the history of the township and the greater North Penn region. 


Edwards-Knapp House.jpeg

In the Beginning

In the beginning, MTHS met at the township building, and our activities focused on creating public awareness of the plight of the township’s endangered properties while encouraging interest in local history and historic preservation. 

Although over the years, road construction and commercial development have virtually wiped out the three original villages, we worked with Montgomery Township officials to pass an Historic Overlay Zoning Ordinance which offers developers incentives for preserving rather than demolishing historic homes, and we documented other properties deemed too far gone to be saved.

In 2004, through the generosity of the Knapp Family, MTHS received the deed to the Knapp Farmhouse and 7 surrounding acres. We immediately commissioned a comprehensive historic structures report evaluate the condition of the building and guide our restoration efforts. 

MTHS Today

Now, 30+ years later, we continue to advocate for historic preservation, and as the proud owners and stewards of the only home in Montgomery Township on the National Register of Historic Places, the Knapp Farm, we have shifted our focus to safeguarding the amazing collection of photographs, books, letters and artifacts that have been bequeathed to us by the Knapp Family and generous community members. We also continue to educational programs and tours for all ages. We hope that Knapp Farm will continue to be a true community resource for generations to come. 

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