Knapp House gets a new roof!

The Knapp Farmhouse, headquarters of the Montgomery Township Historical Society, is sporting a new wood shingle roof. The old roof had been installed more than 25 years ago and was beginning to fall off. We began experiencing leakage inside the house. We are doing this in order to preserve the recent refurbishing of the house interior. The roof is being installed by Kurtz Construction Co. which has extensive experience rehabilitating old structures. Funds donated by David Cutler, Montgomery Township and our members will be used to pay the cost of the new roof.

The original roof on the house c. 1760 was wood shingle. Over the years, it had maintained a wood shingle roof until the last time it was reroofed. At that time, a new asphalt shingle roof was installed. We are happy to be able to revert to the original type of roofing material and recapture the original character of the house.