Camp Rose Twig

Camp Rosetwig
Did you know there was once a summer camp off of Stump Road between County Line and Horsham Roads? This house, along with a 147 acre farm, were purchased by the Rosenzweig family in 1938. The family first converted the land into a private summer camp, then into an overnight camp for the public, then into a public day and overnight camp. One hundred acres were maintained as farmland generating corn, wheat and soybeans, and the remaining land contained cabins, a dining hall, a recreation hall, craft rooms, a wood shop, a lake and dozens of other activity building, pavilions and nature areas. For more than 45 years, kids spent their summers in the open air having fun and making friends on converted farmland. The family sold the land to the David Cutler Group in 1986; the builder converted much of the land into a housing development. Some of the land, however, remains part of Windlestrae Park. Two of the roads in that neighborhood are named Camp Drive and Rose Twig Lane; the name Rose Twig is presumably derived from the name Rosenzweig.

If you, or someone you know, went to this camp and have a story or picture to share about it, please let us know.


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  1. I worked for mrs. Rosen after I graduated from high school in 1981. The camp was closed but she had me go change the sheets and stuff because she had the. Dream of reopening the camp. She was a wonderful lady!! I was very sad when I learned of her death.

  2. Looking for Howie Schwartz a former camp counsler, and nephew of Cecelia Rosenzweig. Any information would be helpful.

    Thank you.
    . Cecelia Updegrove.

  3. I spent one weekend there along with members of the student council from Log College Junior High in Warminster. The year was 1970. We had a bonfire on Sunday night when our parents joined us and took us home.

  4. I was a camper at Rose Twig for about 4 years in the mid-1960s. It was a wonderful place, with nice facilities—and great food! The campers and counselors were also first rate. The owners – Cel and Lee Ross – were no nonsense types and ran a taut ship and their kids were campers and later counselors. Their son, Aaron, taught me how to row! The camp was unique in that it had both day and overnight programs and incorporated a real working farm. Another beautiful site and memory lost to rampant development.

  5. Thanks for your message. We got a lot of responses about the camp. It was apparently very well liked.

  6. I went to Camp Rose Twig in the late 1970s. I actually have many photographs from that time, including a group photo of maybe 12 campers and 2 counselors from 1977. I have great memories of swimming and theater there, and also remember doing a mini sleepaway camp, though I was normally a day camper. I have driven past the site where the camp was many times and am glad these old photos are here.

  7. Cel & Lee were cousins and annually we had a gathering/picnic at Camp Rose Twig with many generations of the wide family. Great memories of the place but mostly the people. Whenever I look at old photos of the gatherings, they are same scenes as above.
    Back in 1949 (or so). I did attend the camp overnight.

  8. I was a day camper at Rose Twig from about 1958 to 1965. I have so many great memories of the place and the people. We were lucky kids!

  9. I went to Rose Twig for a number of years. I remember Marty Kaplan and Brian Garvin.
    I also remember several other people. Stephen Till. Richie and Fred my counselors (last names I forget)
    David Aschinski was also there one of the years I was there. Shellie Zonies also someone I connected with in high school and after high school.
    I can’t remember everyone at this moment, but it was a great childhood experience. I remember Uncle Bernie too. I don’t know if he is still living, but he was at a number of camps I went to over the years. I forget his last name.
    There are many other memories..names I recall. Joy Malmut? Joyce Toby Davidson? I remember them. If anyone remembers me and wants to connect you can email me at
    Hope you have all had a happy life. Regards,
    Charles.. (Charlie)

  10. i was a counselor at camp rose twig from 1954 to 1961 and have wonderful memories of those years.

  11. I am now almost 83. I attended Camp Rose twig in the early 1940’s. I remember taking the train from bala-cynwyd, norristown, or overbrook to lansdale, and then the camp bus would take us to camp. it was a great camp, and so were cel & lee.

  12. I am now almost 83. I attended Camp Rose twig in the early 1940’s. I remember taking the train from bala-cynwyd, norristown, or overbrook to lansdale, and then the camp bus would take us to camp. it was a great camp, and so were cel & lee.

  13. I sPent my entire life at camp rose twig. My grandparents were Aunt cel and uncle lee. My mom is “aunt” seLma.
    The Campers came back year after year and some of my strongest friendships are still from my years at rose twig. Camp shaped my life in so many ways.
    LOve all these Photos!!!!!!

  14. I wandered thru memory lane while reading the responses from campers and counselOrs; yes,my paRents instilled Character Building in all of us!! melissa and stuart’s mother,Selma

  15. Rose Twig started as a family summer retreat in 1938. Eventually, cabins were built and other kids slept overnight. In the 1950s, day campers arrived and for the next 30 years, character building through wholesome outdoor fun was realized for both day and overnight Children. Not only were there sports and camping experiences, but cultural activities like music, dance, crafts, and art were offered. Each year concluded with a cast of thousands operetta and a color Olympics. Memories!

  16. MY Aunt Cel’s brother. I attended camp from the time I was four years old in 1947. I slept at the main house with my grandmother Bessie.
    My childhood name was sheila is

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