Board of Directors

Board of Directors

Lisa Knapp Siegel

Lisa was born and raised in Montgomery Township. She is the daughter of the late C. Howard “Bud” Knapp Jr. and enjoyed countless hours growing up on the Knapp Farm.

David Levin, D.O.
Vice President

David grew up in Montgomery County and lives on a historic property in Montgomery Township with his wife and two sons. David is a radiologist at Grand View Health.

Rich Roller

A past board president, Rich is very involved with the restoration of Knapp Farm. He joined MTHS in 2000 after leaving the Montgomery Township Board of Supervisors. 

Joan Hurd

Joan, a retired North Penn teacher, has served on the board with her husband Jesse for years and is the current treasurer of the historical society.

Ginny Bailey

Ginny has been a resident of Montgomery Township since she was two years old and currently works for the township. Ginny’s father was former Police Chief Bruce Bailey.

Debbie Cummins

Debbie has been a resident of Montgomeryville since 1988, a member of MTHS since 1991 and a board member since 1995.

sue headshot

Sue Gordon

Sue has lived in the township since 1975, has been a member of MTHS since 1989 and has served in a variety of leadership roles with MTHS. Sue currently produces the newsletter and is creating an archive of artifacts for the society.

Trish Headshot

Patricia Moyer Graham

Patricia is the daughter of Lisa Knapp Siegel and granddaughter of the late C. Howard “Bud” Knapp Jr. 

Jesse Hurd

Jesse is a member of the Board of Directors and sits on the Board along with his wife, Joan.

Roy Rodriguez

Roy has lived with his wife Pat in Montgomery Township since 1971 and was a charter member of MTHS. He joined the board in 1989, and has served as vice president and treasurer.

Srinivas Srikoti

Srinivas is a member of the Board of Directors.